State-of-the-art treatments for soft tissue injuries, disorders

Massage Therapy

The professional team at the Brampton location of HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics offers patients certified, state-of-the-art treatments — including Active Release Techniques® (ART®) and the Graston Technique® (GT®) — for dealing with chronic pain in soft tissue injuries and disorders. Active Release Techniques® is a hands-on method for locating and evaluating the problem areas of muscles, … Read more

Mind-body nutrition: An integral part of healing and recovery

Woman Doing Yoga, Stretching

The Brampton location of HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics offers a wide range of professional, accredited treatment and education services to patients to ease chronic pain and enable healing and rehabilitation from illness and injury. The patient’s overall health and lifestyle is an integral factor in healing, including in the management of mind-body nutrition. What is mind-body … Read more

Shock wave therapy: A non-surgical approach to chronic pain relief

Shockwave Therapy

HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton is committed to providing patients with the exceptional integrated treatments and services required for pain relief and mobility rehabilitation. Pain, whether it be short-term or chronic, can be debilitating. The toll it can take on one’s quality of life cannot be underestimated. Whether the result of a work-related or sports … Read more

Acupuncture as a complementary therapy for fertility treatments


HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton offers contemporary medical acupuncture treatments as a complementary therapy approach in improving the possibility of success for fertility treatments. As a respected age-old approach to health, modern-day studies have shown that acupuncture can have a positive effect on optimizing factors for fertility. These effects occur from a number of perspectives: … Read more

The best concussion treatment plan starts before an injury occurs

Concussion Treatment

Concussions can unfortunately be a common occurrence for those who play sports, and HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton is committed to helping reduce the long-term effects. With Complete Concussion Management (CCM) Certification, the Brampton HealthMax can help you be proactive about your health. The CCM certification applies the most up-to-date medical information and practices. Concussions … Read more

Physiotherapy: the benefits of foam rolling to reduce pain for a healthy lifestyle

Physiotherapy, Foam Roller

Health Max Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton is devoted to providing various services that optimize the body’s healing process. An effective technique used by physiotherapists at Health Max Physiotherapy Clinics is foam rolling or myofascial release in order to self-massage trigger points and target muscle tightness. The Foam Rolling Technique: The foam roller is applied to … Read more

How maintaining a proper posture can help prevent debilitating back pain

Improve Posture

Health Max Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton provides a comprehensive assessment, rehabilitation services, and customized treatment plans for those living with chronic pain. The dedicated and caring multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists offers education and advice on empowering techniques to reduce and eliminate pain. Most people fail to realize just how exercising a proper posture can … Read more