Mind-body nutrition: An integral part of healing and recovery

Woman Doing Yoga, Stretching

The Brampton location of HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics offers a wide range of professional, accredited treatment and education services to patients to ease chronic pain and enable healing and rehabilitation from illness and injury. The patient’s overall health and lifestyle is an integral factor in healing, including in the management of mind-body nutrition.

What is mind-body nutrition? It is the school of thought that believes achieving good health is about more than treating the body — it involves an overall approach to wellness that includes creating the best possible internal supports to allow the body to heal and thrive.

A calm and relaxed body and state of mind goes a long way in enabling the body to function as it should. When under emotional and physical stress, muscles tighten, the adrenal gland goes into high gear in response to the fight-or-flight instinct, and even digestive juices and the body’s metabolism changes — not optimal for healing from illness or injury. For instance, treating injured muscles will take longer and be more painful if the muscles are taut and tensed!

Personalized relaxation techniques to develop a calm mindset conducive to healing can contribute to reduced, more comfortable treatments and a more effective recovery.

The body needs good fuel for repair and recovery. The same mindset for relaxation for physical healing can also make a significant difference in an individual choosing, enjoying and digesting the healthiest possible nutrition based on individual needs. The healing body more easily maximizes the absorption of nutrients effectively, and meals can be pleasurable.

The professional team at HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics offers tailored treatment services that take a patient’s overall well-being into account as an integrated approach to recovery.

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