How maintaining a proper posture can help prevent debilitating back pain

Improve Posture

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Most people fail to realize just how exercising a proper posture can help prevent back pain. Practicing healthy posture will keep your spine stable, flexible, and strong. This is the first prerequisite to minimizing undue pressure and discomfort. This is why it is absolutely essential to discipline yourself to maintain an effective posture when sitting, standing, lying, and walking to reduce strain to supporting muscles and ligaments.

Good posture not only decreases stress on ligaments that hold the joints of the spine, but prevents muscle pain and backache. This makes you less fatigued by enabling the usage of your muscles more efficiently. Proper posture results in a pleasant appearance, increased confidence, while maintaining the natural curves of the spine. It also prevents arthritis.

Awareness – A Driving Force for Positive Change

The next time you catch yourself slouching, stooping, or incorrectly bending your ligaments and muscles, you may notice that you tend to lose your balance and become more fatigued than usual. You may even experience increased headaches, back pain, and other health problems. Keep a journal to record how you feel as a result of your poor posture. Awareness is the key to fostering positive change and facilitating better physical habits. Improving posture takes time, but the change will be worth the effort and discipline in order to enhance your health and well-being and boost your social life.

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