Physiotherapy: the benefits of foam rolling to reduce pain for a healthy lifestyle

Physiotherapy, Foam Roller

Health Max Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton is devoted to providing various services that optimize the body’s healing process. An effective technique used by physiotherapists at Health Max Physiotherapy Clinics is foam rolling or myofascial release in order to self-massage trigger points and target muscle tightness.

The Foam Rolling Technique:

The foam roller is applied to pressure points to help lengthen and relax muscles while breaking up scar tissues and adhesions. Foam rolling has proven very helpful in improving performance, function, muscle balance, and reducing injuries. Allowing muscles to gently recover, foam rolling increases blood circulation and improves athletic performance, while gently allowing you to return to a normal level of functioning.

The foam roller can be used after an intense workout and takes only five to 10 minutes to feel the soothing benefits that are accompanied by dissipating pain and discomfort with an increased sense of well being. Trigger points are identified through self-exploration. The foam roller is held on the sore spot for about 15-30 seconds, but you should avoid applying pressure directly on it. Avoid rolling your low back, bones, and joints, but work surrounding muscles using a tennis ball. Remember to take a break, stay hydrated, rest, and give it a day or two before focusing on the same area once more.

Preventing Pain

Pain management involves leading a healthy lifestyle. Reduce your stress levels by planning ahead and staying organized. Acquiring enough sleep will help restore energy and manage pain. Avoid high risk activities; stay active through exercise and meditation which strengthens muscles, bones, and joints. Think positively, remain proactive, and do not ignore pain at all costs – seek assistance from a doctor or physiotherapist immediately. Eat nutritious meals filled with leafy greens, fruits, and soy products. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Managing strong social supports and staying connected with your family, friends, and colleagues is an effective vehicle for reducing pain.

Feel free to discuss pain with a health care practitioner at Health Max Physiotherapy Clinics who will guide you towards vibrant health and wellness!