The best concussion treatment plan starts before an injury occurs

Concussion Treatment

Concussions can unfortunately be a common occurrence for those who play sports, and HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics in Brampton is committed to helping reduce the long-term effects.

With Complete Concussion Management (CCM) Certification, the Brampton HealthMax can help you be proactive about your health. The CCM certification applies the most up-to-date medical information and practices.

Concussions can be difficult to determine, so starting before an injury even occurs is a proven method for a quick diagnosis. If you play sports, or participate in an activity where a concussion is possible, it’s a good idea to have baseline testing done to assess your brain function without injury.

With that testing done, your diagnosis and treatment plan can be accelerated, greatly improving recovery time if and when you suffer a concussion.

The team at HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics Brampton creates a customized treatment plan to promote healing in each individual who experiences a concussion.

With proper management, you’ll be able to get back to playing the sport you love, or return to work or school, without long-term effects.

It doesn’t always take a hard blow to cause a concussion, and those who experience repeated hits are more at risk. Concussions can happen at practice, as a result of a car accident or a slip and fall and, in most cases, do not involve a loss of consciousness.

There are many symptoms that point to a possible concussion, including dizziness, headache, low energy levels, balance issues, problems concentrating and feeling angry or upset.

Seeking advice from a health care professional is crucial if a concussion is suspected because it is a form of a traumatic brain injury.

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